Hello, World

Alright, let’s get messy. Howdy, world. I’ve got some chattering to do.

This blog exists as an effort to remind myself that while school is the majority of my time in this moment, it turns out that there is more to my life than studying. As a transfer student with a previous degree, I’ve secretly been a senior the whole way through, but realistically I’m now entering my final semester of my mechanical engineering degree at UM-Dearborn. (She said, optimistically).

I bailed on Facebook recently, and am trying to find ways to keep yammering at the world, while having reminders to myself that I’m still making new weird things and learning new weird skills, and trying to find a balance between wanting to write about engineering things while also secretly wanting to combine that with weird homesteading skills.

My nebulous goals are:

  1. Write tutorials for the things that I learn to make, later forget to make, and then spend more than half an hour looking up how to make again
  2. Document progress on projects as they go through planning and development
  3. Include BOM and costs with projects; both as a means of keeping track of my own spending, but also to help you plan your own (or so you can say “Hey if you do this again try Store Y instead of Place Z to save x-ty percent.” I have my brand loyalties, but I have no objection to developing new ones.)
  4. Keep tabs on my weird obsession with jam making, even as I continue to dislike eating jam
  5. Just blather about stuff. Blather, blather, blather.

My promise to you: If I ever write a recipe, I will just put the recipe right at the top, and put my thoughts about it underneath. This is my solemn oath.

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